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Put on the course "MODELING IN 3DS MAX"! ⠀ Online Course "Specialist Modeler"

🔺Set the course "MODELING IN 3DS MAX"! @ 3dsmax_space

🔺The online course @ 3dsmax_space "Theme Modeling in 3DS Max" gives you the opportunity to learn everything – from simple decorative items to complex classic furniture and much more! You will receive this knowledge in an online workshop!

🔺This course is for students as well as practicing designers and architects decorators furniture specialists jewelers and anyone who wants to master the 3DS Max skill thoroughly!

After the result of the course:
– The lack of necessary furniture in ready-made libraries on the Internet will not bother you anymore.
– You can realize your cool idea on the computer;
– Stop spending money on buying a model on the Internet and take the time to search for it.
– Explore the ribbon window and a host of other cool 3DS Max tools.
– Learn to create floors with nonstandard configurations.
– Yes and you can easily create your own brand!

🔺Enter the BONUS course as a lesson to create an effective presentation of your model for a portfolio or catalog. Well and perhaps one of the most important factors is that our experienced and caring curators will help you throughout the course in any difficult situation!

🔺 For full details on course format pricing and payment methods as well as promotions and bonuses simply type "➕" in Direct @ 3dsmax_space. Our managers will contact you and tell you everything! )
The beginning of the course is the 12th of September. Hurry up! ____________________________________________ #Spaceshool Simulation #Spaceschoolspb #Spaceschool #Online Course #3dsmaxcorona #3D Visualization #3dsmaxcorona

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