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Do you still recognize whose portrait in the interior? Zaha Hadid. Left bold p

🔺 Do you still recognize whose portrait is inside? Zaha Hadid. She left bold buildings around the world including in Russia. How do you feel about your work? Write in the comments. 👇

🔺 And here is a small selection of quotes from the great architect:

"I do not think people can teach architecture people can only be inspired."

"When people see a fantastic project they think it's impossible to do it in life. That is wrong. Everything that is fantastic is real. "

"People are used to the fact that the best shape of the building is rectangular as this is a typical way of using space. So it turns out that nature is abused space? The world is not rectangular. They do not say when you come to the park "What a scare there are no corners at all!"

"The only one I would never agree with is a prison. Wherever she is. Even if it was a very luxurious prison. "

"You always have to believe in yourself. If I had not believed I would have collected my things long ago and left England. "

"People are not used to unusual people."

"I am a woman so first you expect me to be nice and I will like everything beautifully. But I can not create "beautiful" buildings. I do not like her. "

"Once they told me" You will not get this job because you have a complex character. "I had an answer but unfortunately I can not repeat it publicly."

"Men are not used to women having their own opinion. The British generally have very strange relationships with women – incredulous suspicious and stunted. "

"I can not say that I sacrificed my family for a career but the work has had an impact on my private life but not because I wanted to sacrifice my family it just happened."

🔺 The author of the work: Malik Mirzaahmedov. Course: "Interior visualization in 3DS Max from scratch." Type "➕" in Direct 👉 @ 3dsmax_space to learn more about the course.
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